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Thought I would share this for everyone

I did this last winter
Some Symptoms
*Shifting at random times
*Not downshifting
*Slipping on start off

DIY Governor Seals Parts from here for 40 USD

*Remove wheel
*Remove plastic fender guard
*Remove torx bolts from side transmission cover
*Remove smaller transmission gear toward back of car, this gear is held tight by a special bolt that needs to be punched to keep tight...if you do not have one of these bolts you need to order one...these earlier bolts are known to come loose.
*Slide the gear out slowly
*Check the two seals (rubber) and metal ring for any rubber seals fell apart all over the garage floor (see photo) they were for sure allowing fluid to go were it did not belong and causing transmission shifting issues.
* Replace the two rubber seals (rarely will the metal ring be damaged...if it is order and replace it) make sure they are not twisted and they are flat on the gear...they will be a little loose at first...put some Vaseline on the seals...dont be shy make sure you use plenty of it...let the gear sit for an hour so it will contract to the gear (you dont have to do this, but I did not wait and put the gear back in and it caught the edge and I had to pull the entire gear out again and reseat the seal...dont end up in this situation...Here is the important part after you have put a good deal of Vaseline and waited an your fingers along the seals and make sure they are seated well...grab the gear with both hands...very carefully I mean this ! Slide the gear back into the to do this very very slow or it will catch the transmission and cut the seal (ask me how I know)...if you feel any resistants pull it out and start needs to go in as strait as you can...
*Hope you did not damage anything ;) and put the transmission back together again, check the AT level fill if needed...test drive !

The rubber seals totally shot after 18 years !
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