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got this site from an old saabophile

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Hello there,
So one of my old saab buddies (saab 900 custom), told me about this site and i thought id check it out. I currently drive a 02 silver grey 9-3 viggen. I havent done much to it besides replace the old shitty front brake calipers with new studded ones. I used to own a white 9-3 with custom viggen exhaust and intake but i crashed it on a dirt road a year or so ago :( I live in NH and am always looking for people to ride with. I've seen 2 LB viggens in the area, one with MA plates, SNAAB. And another that belongs to the Dean Hill Dealer in Chalreston. Anyway, give a shout if youre in the area and looking for a riding buddy.
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Welcome! I'm not in the NH area, but there are plenty of folks on here that are.
Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride :D Post some pics when you can of your car.
Welcome to the link! Pictures would be great...
Welcome aboard!
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