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I just bought an axle off Goldwing as I had heard good things about them. Now I was expecting to receive a used axle just like you get when you pull one from the junkyard but was not worried since they said it comes with a 1 year warranty. When I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised. The axles looks like it was a reman. It had new boots on it and was all cleaned up looking like it was new.

+1 to them. Excellent prices, quick shipping, and quality product.
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And they had the coolest free giveaways at SOC, too.

Thanks for the write-up!
I've gotten a large amount of stuff from Goldwing over the years. Always clean, top quality stuff.
There are certain parts that they've quoted for me that were in I could pay the same for a new one :confused:. They have the advantage of being one of the largest used SAAB salvage yards in the Northeast.

I don't deal with them often, but I've heard good things from SaabDriver87.
Did the axle come with the inner driver?
My cousin bought a motor from them for a customers car and it had a broken exhaust manifold stud, so my cousin (who's a mechanic at a garage) called them and talked to them about it. They said that they would remiburse them for any labor and parts required to fix it. So my cousin had to buy a carbide bit and have it overnighted (40 dollars shipping) because someone had tried drilling it out before and broke a bit in it, and my cousin ended up having to heli-coil it. Either way, Goldwing sent them the money no questions asked the next day. Also, all of the parts on it were all cleaned up and repainted/sandblasted/etc...

Needless to say, he was more than impressed; Which from him, means a lot.
Did the axle come with the inner driver?
Yup!! It was take the whole old assembly out in one piece, put the "new" one in. Job took like an hour and some of that was searching around to find a good cheater bar for the axle nut.

It was $125 shipped for the OEM axle. The Empi ones on eeuro are $100 and they don't have the inner driver.

Aireeca, I'm going to quote "This message has been deleted by aireeca. Reason: damn droid"
I met the guys at SOC. They were great and had awesome give aways like erica said.
I just ordered a throttle body from them and it was only 25 bux to overnight it! Needless to say, Its coming in tomorrow and I'll update you guys on how that works out.
I have only good things to say about them as well, I know a couple guys there and they always get me a great deal on anything I need. Everything also comes looking like new whether they simply clean it or go the extra mile and paint the part.
yeah these guys are pretty awesome, I agree.
I've got a used T5 ECU from them, nothing bad to say at all. As far as empi axels go, they do come as a half shaft; meaning it comes with the inner cv joint. Also, they are only 80 bucks for my 9k. I just swapped both axels and they were a simple fit and a great quality.
They were good, but took a few times to get my order right. Still was not 100%, but I would recommend them.
Just talked to them earlier today. They do NOT reman the axles. They are just pulls. They do clean them up and warranty them for a year though.
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