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Globe Warning and Central Locking Issues

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Im pretty sure these are separate Issues so any Help will be muchly appreciated.
The Tailight Globe Warning on my Dash Cluster wont go away, it does with the Taillights swiched off, iv'e done the usual Resistance and Globe Replacements so may be time to replace the EDU?(is that what there called.
Also, The Central Locking on my 96 9000 works 3 or 4 time then wont for awhile then will, has anyone got sum sound tips or a Checklist for Diagnosing the C/L System? Cheers
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You car senses global warning - how cool! lol sorry - You had me confused until I began to read.

The rear lamp failure msg sometimes is related to a bad ground or bad circuit boards. Othertimes it's just on all the time because your lights are on and it's not a failure msg... my 87' used the indicator to tell you the lights were on.... my 95' tells me when one is out or the trunk or doors are open.

It's a 9000.... they are like this

C/L usually faults to 1 of the lock actuators failing - it will cause all sorts of funny problems and tracking it down usually invloves unplugging them one at a time to see which is the culpit.
I did hear that SaaB installed "Global Warming" Modules to the early 9k's but was phased out when it was discovered that it was simply a "type-o" from an outsourced Label Manufactuer, it cost them a Packet in lost Sales and Refunding Deposits to the "Green" slice of the Wedge.
Eventually they dumped all the "Eco-Ad" stuff they had into Non-Recyclable Wastelands(The Red Bins) and started using Jets and Cannons and Rockets in there Advertising to win back the "Fossil Fuel" enthusiasts who where spending thier money buying Volvos with BabySeal Skin Seat Covers and Rino Hoof Rear Vision Mirrors.
We usually refer to the 'Global Warming Module' as 'TD-04 15T.'

Hope that helps.
^We do?
If you say it like Maxwell Smart does it makes much more sense, "its the ol' TD-04 15T Trick"!

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i have similar issues with the CL in my 97 9000 cse and i have found simply taping the lock relay with a screwdriver sometimes actually helps sometimes, other wise this relay could need replacing, it can be kind of pain toreplace too, its up behind the fuses on my cse, i think that should be pretty similar to yours
it might be your central locking brain. mine did the same thing. its on the drivers side, near the brake. its a lil black box. isnt hard to uncouple. just simple disconnect. as for the lights, check and see if any of the lights for the brake light on the top part of the hatch itself are out.
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