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Hi Guys.

I want to check the interest for this tool I´ve made. I´ve sold it to swedish saab guys for around a year now and it´s been quite popular.

The tool is used when you shall loosen the nuts that holds the gearshifter housing. It´s needed to do when you whant to change the housing or adjust the linkage.

The tool are made after the form of the nut, so the fit is quite good. On the top it´s a 10mm Allen, but if the interest is good over there I can make it with a 1/2" Allen. The tool is made of stainless steel so it won´t break if the nuts are stuck.

Some words about the tool.

plankan said:
Now I have tested it so fully and must say that it is simply great :D
One good thing is the precision that is so tight that you get the "nut" with you up when / if you should remove any house ;)
Peter said:
Even I can certify that it worked superb :)

So now I can retire my old and faithful servant, a modify 12mm socket. :)
The price I´m not sure about right now but it will be around 30USD + shipping.

The manufacturing/delivering time I´m not sure about either bot somewhere around December, January.

If you are interested to buy this tool please email me on this address [email protected]
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