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Garage Sale-Georges Imports in Kansas City

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I just got off the phone with Brad from Georges Imports. He said he's having a garage sale for his 30 years of SAAB.

Aug. 14th 10am-2pm
Aug. 15th 9am-4pm

He said there will be alot of go fast parts, clothing, old discontinued assesories, and ect.

Now keep in mind he NOT going out of business just down sizing to a service point and moving to a differant location.
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since most of use don't live anywhere near there, can a list be cut/paste or generated?
No list available, must be presant to win!
Are you going, Marty? I'd love to go, do a combo trip to visit relatives in Omaha, but I'm out of town and can't reschedule.

A rebuild kit for the water pump in my 99 Turbo tops my list.
I'm not going to be there. I have a wedding to go to instead. The water pump kits can still be ordered I think from an after market company. I just don't remember what the name is. Mike ordered some a few years back.
Not to thread jack (I REAAALLLLYYY want to go, if anyone is willing to give me a call about any sweet swag that he has, particularly the yellow/blue sport & rally jacket in size Medium, I will pay top dollar)

You can use the water pump rebuild kit for a Triumph TR7 - I have bought two of them from a company in Northern California called British Parts Northwest, they are $49,, the only thing that doesn't fly is the paper gasket for the pump cover is different, but those are easy to make from gasket paper. Other English car sites like Moss Motors carry them too, but Moss was out at the time. Moss will actually let you order each part individually instead of just as a kit, so if you want just the upper water seal or just the bearing to complete a kit you can do that too.

The TR7 kits you get new have more modern upper water seals that are a single piece with a diaphragm seal rather than the sliding graphite/carbon upper sealing surface like was on the originals. I installed an NOS graphite seal in a customer's '78 EMS and the carbon disc broke when I pressed the impeller shaft down into the bore.

Or you could do like Geoff on the rally forum did and piece your own kit together from bits on McMaster-Carr or other industrial supply company - the upper water seal is the only tricky bit to source and it turns out that it's a standard size that's available.

See this thread:

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