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PC specs:

Lian LI case with window
sony DVD drive
Just link CDRW drive 48x12x50
floopy drive
sound blaster audigy w/ front pannell
9800XT w/ 256 by ATI
512 samsung RD pc1066 single stick
maxtor ultra ata 133 card
asus P4T533
10/100 lan
6 hard drives all w/ 8 meg cache but the 60 gig
120 IBM
120 WD
120 WD
160 maxtor
160 maxtor
60 seagate
340 watt power supple
2 blue LED fans
2.8 w/ HT and 800MHZ FSB

Looking for a G5, power book or IBM think pad. If you have somthing else it does not hurt of offer.

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I'll offer you my two ThinkPads, a 755c in good nick with charger, battery, etc. all it needs is a hard drive "caddy", about $5 on ebay, plus a ThinkPad 560 for parts that has a known good screen and keyboard, not sure what else, boots DOS with the floppy attached.


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