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Full 3'' exhaust + lost boost, fluttering bpv, CEL

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Got my exhaust finished yesterday and it was fine for a few hours. Later in the night, My boost gauge was reading only about 10psi instead of 15ish, suddenly my Forge BPV started fluttering so I checked under the hood. The vacuum line from the BPV to the intake had come loose and I couldn't get it back on because the line was in such bad shape. I drove the car home not pushing it hard at all, but soon afterwards a CEL came on, so I figured it was the BPV. Well, I got the new vacuum line today and I'm still hearing the fluttering, the CEL is still there but everything else looks normal. Any thoughts of what I should do?

The exhaust is nuts btw, I'll post more on that later.
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Check and adjust base boost.
how do i do that? I looked around a bit more today and found a vacuum line that had blown apart. It's located under the intake hose and connects to the little device with the 3 hoses attached to it (cant remember what it's called) Anyways, this blown line tapers from one size to another and has a hard line on one side. I replaced it with some extra silicone hose I had laying around and now the car drives fine again. plenty of boost, no more fluttering, BUT the CEL is still there. no idea why
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Sounds like it could have done it.

Just pull the ECU fuses/battery for like 15 seconds and the CEL should go away. If it comes back. Get it checked. But it probably was related to your boost issue.
Yeah, reset the light and see if it comes back. If it's driving fine again, I bet you've solved your problem.
thanks everything is fine again!
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