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I have an 87 turbo vert that's been sitting forever so I'm trying to deal with gunked up fuel.

Looking for tips from people who have been through this. Let me know what worked and what didn't.

I don't really want to buy a new pump for $370

The inside of the gas tank is pretty gross. I think a heard about using acetone to clean it... that's alright with a plastic tank? (as long as I don't leave it in too long I guess?)

Can I submerge the pump in some kind of cleaner? Let it soak?

Any other tips on cleaning everything? - I guess the whole system

If that fails, another thought is to try to get a used pump...

Local junk yard just got an 86 turbo so I could try to grab that but they're not the same part #

Anyone know the difference? Flow and/or physical? How easy would it be to make it work correctly?




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