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FS: parting 99 9-3 vert

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pics upon request because most of you guys know what they look. Shipping is Including!

Manual climate control $60
Front hood badge $15
Rear trunk badge $20
BPC Valve $35
Rear interior lights (attatched to the door panels)$30
Headlight relay $10

this is whats ontop of my head, if you need something else PM me.

my paypal [email protected]
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please show pic of front hood badge
BPC valve sold
Add-on a Saab Grill $65

which handle are you referring to, the pull or the lever that opens the door?
where are you located? I'm in CT and in need of some parts
Hi there, interested in the rear trunk badge/ emblem. Got a pic please?
The rear and front emblems sold. Everything else is on fleabay.
Have the MAP sensor by any chance?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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