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I have 3 sets of rims for sale. I'll post pics shortly.*

Set #1: Ronal Silverspoke 15", set of four. Fitment to 88+ c900 and 9000s
Need refurb. These are straight but finish cosmetics are a 7 out of 10. No major edge issues, some minor curbing and surface blems that need sanding. *No center caps. Use your existing lug bolts.*

Set #2: Shelby 15", set of four. Fitment to 1979-86 c900s and 99s. Powdercoated solid black. Pretty sExY. No center caps or lug nuts. Very clean/straight. Not fitted since refurb.*

Set #3: Inca "prototypes," set of four. Fitment to 1979-86 c900s and 99 Turbos and 99s. These wheels originally pearlescent white from factory. Paint faded and they need to be redone. These were among the FIRST castings if the Inca wheels and as a result the detail is incredibly sharp, noticeably mores than any others I've seen. Bought through Chip Lamb for a project I'll never get to do I am reluctantly passing them along. No centercaps or lug nuts. No curbing issues. Very clean except for paint finish.*

Would like to get...

Set #1: 400
Set #2: 300
Set #3: 400
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