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Location: Minneapolis

Price: $6,200

The Story:
I bought it from the original owner's best friend in 2000. The car had 78k some original miles on it. It was a L24 (2.4 inline six) with a four speed transmission. It had all sorts of crazy built in late 70's radar detectors, with detectors in both front and rear. It came with an extra wheel and literally every single receipt, note, service, window sticker, etc. He had already disconnected all the emissions stuff (airpump) and had switched the 73 emissions carbs to Weber DGVs.

In 2003, I did all of the rebuild stuff. But, I was busy in college so it just stayed parked in my parent's garage (in Indiana). I graduated college and left the car parked in there garage from May 2005 through May 2008. The car was never started or moved during that time.
In May 2008, I finally decided to bring it to Minneapolis. I had the car taken to the best import shop in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They dumped the old gas, put new plugs, new battery, new oil, etc in the car. It started on the first push of the start button. They checked the carbs and they were still fully synched. I then drove the car 11 hours straight, from Indiana back to Minnesota.

Once here, I drove it around for awhile, took it to a Z show, but for the most part it's been sitting in my garage. I haven't driven it in over a month. So it's time to let it go.

The Engine:

Swapped dipped/rebuilt L28 block with flattop pistons (engine out of 280Z)
ARP rodbolts
E88 head from a 240Z, dipped, rebuilt
Crane Uni-lite distributor (get's rid of the points system)
Crane Hi-6 ignition box
Crane ignition coil
Taylor spark plug wires
Motorsports Auto (MSA) 6-3-2-1 Header/wrapped/temp coated
MSA full 2.5in exhaust
Rebuilt (Arizona Z car) dual SU carbs with K&N filters mounted over airhorns
Holley Redline fuel pump
NISMO turbo oil pump

Swapped late model 5sp transmission
3.43 rearend was replaced with a 3.90 rearend

The Suspension:

Eibach lowering springs
Tokico struts/shocks
Energy Suspension urethane bushings
MSA front and rear sway bars
MSA front strut tower bar
Various new OEM suspension components
H&R spacers and extended studs

The Brakes:
Hawk Metallic brake pads
New rotors
Rebuilt brake drums
Stainless brake lines
High boiling point fluid

Dual Corbeau Forza seats, with custom made slide rail adapters
Corbeau four-point harnesses
Custom harness bar
CD player/new speakers
New carpet and mats (2008)
Push button start/toggle switches for ignition and fuel
MSA d-shaped wheel
Monster Tach in oem tach location/shift light on steering column (used as redline indicator)
Original OEM dash, with absolutely no cracks, I have been offered upwards of $500 for my dash alone at various Z events

Two piece Watanabe RS8, staggered, 16x8 and 16x7
Stripped, powdered in 2008
Tires (have 300 miles on them), Dunlop Direzza DZ101
I have over $2,000 in the wheels/tires/spacers
Also included, original dealer installed slotted mags with tires

MSA front airdam/spoiler
Engine bay and wheel wells were all stripped to bare and then treated with POR-15 rust inhibitor
Frame rails and battery box (most common) show absolutely no rust, will provide before/after pictures
New floor pan on driver's side
All glass is perfect

Odometer reads 88,000 miles, when I switched the rearend, the odometer/transmission plastic gear thingy didn't match. Based on the trips I have taken, I can safely say that the car has had less than 3k miles put on it in the last five years.

People will follow you home, harass you at the gas station, etc
Paint, the original owner had it repainted 16 years ago, paint is probably a 7.5/10

Various nicks in the paint

Body is extremely solid, I notice two areas that have been repaired during the painting, one spot in the wheel well and the fender arch. I would still give the body a 9/10 (If I were to completely restore/paint I would patch/replace quarter panel)

It's loud


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Bump for a good price -- the local British car specialist had a 1970 240 out front for $10k a few weeks ago and it sold. Topher's looks nicer.


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If you can afford to keep it, I would.

It looks like you've put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears in that thing and haven't had the opportunity to enjoy it as much as you should.

I've always been a big fan of the 240/260 Z cars and yours is a really nice example of a retro-modern classic, I hope to do something similar with my MGBGT, once I get it moved from MD back up to VT.

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That is a killer ride. And that price is more than fair. That is one of those cars you will forever regret selling. I have a 1985 Toyota Corolla (the rear drive AE86 chassis), also very rare and people constantly offer to buy it, but I can't bring myself to give it up. Means too much to me.

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dude every time i see a nice Z.... i regret selling my '75 280Z. i wish i had hung on to it, and now i'll have to try to find another nice one down the road and pay twice as much as i got mine for. :rolleyes:

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Thats an awesome car, dude keep it, i remember seeing one during an autox event at giant stadium, it was red, such a sweet looking car, and i was loud!, i say keep it and drive it on the weekends, and you should get much more than what your asking for

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don't sell it man, if i had the time/storage/$ laying around to have a 3rd car, i would love to have a car like that. Saabs are fun but you can only do so much with fwdlol, and i love the styling of those cars, kind of like what the sonett should have been.

between this and your craigslist listings being flagged you should take a hint.

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Crap! That is NICE! I've seen references to your Z, but this is the first time I saw the pics or the list of stuff you've done to it. This is pretty much exactly the sort of car/build project I have as one of my lifelong goals. Tweek can attest that in a PM conversation about my SPG last week, I was pining for something older and simpler!
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