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FS: CTC Lasergrips for 1911

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I've got a set of CTC Lasergrips that I'm looking to sell. They're a couple years old now, but are still in 100% working order. I consistently hit 3" clays at 100 yards using these :) They're the updated model, which has the power switch on the bottom left, and the pressure switch which actually turns on the laser activated by your middle finger/

Included are the lasergrips, and the inner plastic shields (that shield the internals from the magazine well). I'm not sure if I tossed the original box or not when I moved, but if I didn't (I'll find out tonight) I'll include that as well.

Cheapest i've found on a set of these is $245 + Shipping. I'd like $200

Here they are on my Pro TLE/RL II

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