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FS: 4 Near New Michelin MXV4 S8 Tires 205/55/16

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8/31/10 SOLD

Less than 900 miles of female driven miles, no measurable wear.

135$ each from tire rack, offering here for 400$ incl. shipping. If you are local to VT PM me and we could meet.
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Ill PM you in a few hours but as of right now I'm calling dibs :D
Priced for quick sale! Don't hold back.
Ill PM you in a few hours but as of right now I'm calling dibs :D
Who is Dibs?
I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow, selling for a friend.
Saw these again tonight, they are as good as new. I should just buy them. Anyways, I took some pics. Sorry for the blurry shot, suffice to say Lincoln's up to his mouth in rubber:

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"Lincoln's up this month in rubber"...LOL:))

Great looking tires! Would buy them, but I don't buy new tires anymore due to the darn cost of them. I guess having a car that vibrates so much as it does makes me not care if my tires have 20% tread or 150%:))

Great deal and wish I didn't have so many sets of rims sitting around. Need some rims?:))
Bump, reasonable offers entertained.
What's the speed rating and load rating?
Still have these?
They have sold locally. Thanks for the interest.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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