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A long shot, but with all the SAABers going to Miata's I thought someone here may want this. At the least we can all drool.

Price: 14,500$
Mileage: 46,605

Rare car in exceptional condition. Titanium Gray Metallic. Just had all 4 of the Hart Racing wheels professionally straightened. Minor A/C leak rectified and recharged, all fluids done and 50k service done. No dents or dings, perfect. Just came from the Mid-atlantic to Vermont. Of the 5,428 Turbo Mazdaspeed MX-5s produced during model years 2004 and 2005, 4,000 were produced in 2004; the 2005 production run was limited to 1428 because the factory burned down!

With 'just' a 178 hp this car is scary for a FWDriver, tail happy... a real menace.

I'll try to get some real pics up tomorrow. The interior is awesome!

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