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I've got a 1999 Saab 93 SE with 197,xxx low miles ;). Automatic transmission. Tan power/heated/leather front seats (driver's complete with arm rest) and heated/leather rear seats. The front seats are in average condition, the rear driver's side have a rip in them. The interior, aside from the rip in the rear seats, is in good condition. To the best of my knowledge, it's never been smoked in. It has the wood grain dash, auto climate control, leather shifter, and an amplifier. The SID is about 70%. This car was dealer maintained by the previous owner up until about a year ago (when I bought it). Now, I was told by the previous owner that the engine was rebuilt around 50,000 miles by Tracy Banks Saab in Concord, NH. I called over, gave them the VIN, but apparently their records only go back 2 years or so, but I'm working on getting that info.

Recent work includes...

Front wheel bearings @ 197000 miles
Power steering lines @ 180000 miles
Clock spring @ 195000 miles
Steering rack @ 180000 miles
Brakes and rotors (front and rear) @ 175000 miles
Brake lines @ 175000 miles
Flex pipe @ 180000 miles
New rear tires @ 195000 miles
Plugs @ 180000 miles

According to the dealer the following was replaced within the last 2ish years....

Water pump
Power steering pump
Front right coil spring

And according to the previous owner the AC compressor was also replaced somewhere around 150000 miles. Along with all that, I'm trying to chase down any physical records of any other work beyond the dealer's 2 year 'burn everything' move. Will update as that information becomes available.

The exterior of the car is not perfect. It's not horrible, but the clear coat is coming off in areas, the passenger rear door has rust on the bottom, the driver's side got in a fight with a shopping car at some point, so it's missing chips of paint on the fender and doors here and there. The hood looks like someone hit a few spots with some ugly paint to prevent it from rusting. Please refer to photos for specific shots of defects. I've tried to get everything as best I can If you'd like more photos of any area in particular don't hesitate to ask.

The oil has been changed every 3K with Mobil One since I bought it. I dropped the pan at 175K and it was pretty damn clean, so I'm going to guess it was dropped at some point before I got to it. The car runs great. It's not a show car for sure, with the rust and miles, but it's a great winter beater or commuter. I'm getting about 28 mpg from Laconia to Hampton every day. Comes with the SE wheels (seen in photos). Car is located in Laconia, NH. Asking $1800.[email protected]/


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