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FS: 1996 900SE 5spd Coupe 169k, VT, $1750

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1996 900SE 2.0T, 5 speed, Coupe, Scarab Green
169,720 miles
VIN: YS3DF35N1T2033290

This car was a "diamond in the rough" trade-in that I have brought up to snuff over the last few months of my ownership. It was a Connecticut car before and it shows. The scarab green still has metallic flake and depth that you don't often see. I also have the records of service going back to 2006. This car will make someone a sporty, dependable and practical driver.

It is overall very sharp in the rare coupe configuration but has some cosmetic dings and some expected wear that could be addressed to really make it show ready. I use it everyday and it is in very good driving condition; working AC, new tires, no check engine lights and a rare, tight and comfortable NG suspension!

Recent work (last 6 weeks):

2 new front tires, 2 good used rear tires
4 used rims (16" Vikings)
new fuel pump insert
new serpentine belt, idler pulley
new OEM rear 02 sensor
new clutch cable
new rear engine mount
good used foglamps
good used BPC solenoid
good used AC compressor
good used SID II /w all pixels
good used Head Unit
Lots more from past owner's records:

The car also has a 3" Jak Stoll Downpipe, a SAABsport Stainless Steel Catback Sports exhaust and a rare Circular SAAB Catalog tip!

I had intended to keep going with this nice coupe but I have too many other car projects.

I have priced it for a quick, hassle-free sale. 1750$.
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Sounds like a nice car. Want to see the pictures.
Definitely post some pics. I'd like to pick up a cheap daily driver and this sounds like a good one for the $$$.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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