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FS: 1995 Saab 900 SE Coupe 155k miles

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Up for sale is a blue coupe 900. I have put alot into the car and it comes with even more. Alot of hard work has been put into the car but its time to move on. Im just looking to get $2500 for the car and all the parts I have to go with it.

I have up kept it to the best of my ability and have replaced quite a few parts within the last 10k miles including: fuel pump assembly, exhaust gaskets, brakes all around, battery, clutch and entire assembly. I have also upgraded the intercooler to a viggen single pass intercooler along with a 9-3 grille, clear corners, boost gauge, Air/Fuel gauge, Volt gauge, oil temp gauge, and Greddy BOV. Exhaust was replaced with stock system and temporary rear muffler. I added a larger intake with a cone filter to help the turbo breath. I also upgraded the sound system with rear pioneer speakers and an alpine deck. The antenna was also relocated to the roof for better reception.

The interior is in great shape and the back seat looks like its never been sat in. The glass all around looks great and the front windshield is brand new.

In addition to all the work I've done on the car I have more parts waiting to go on the car. I have a hydrolic transmission with everything for the swap with a newly rebuilt TD04 ready to go in. A 3 inch dp is ready to go in with the new turbo. New 17x8" rims are in the shed waiting for rubber.

The only bad spots on the body are the small rust on the rear hatch, small area on the hood and rear wheel well. There are a few small paint chips from all the highway miles. The other bad area is the reverse on the transmission is starting to go. I don't have any trouble getting it into gear but someone not use to the car will have a bit of trouble.

Overall the car is in great shape and ready for more mods. As everyone knows coupes are so much fun to drive and this is no exception. I'm selling to move over into a RWD car. Feel free to contact with any questions to [email protected] or call/text me at 774-280-2457.

The car is located in south central Mass and is daily driven to Providence everyday. Its always ready to be shown or taken for a test drive.

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Sold, will post transmission and other parts for sale in another thread.
where would i find an intake that attaches to the turbo inlet like the one you have?
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