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FS: 1995 NG900 3 Door Turbo

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Up for sale is my wife's NG900 Turbo 3 door. If you've been to Carlisle, you've probably seen it. Scarab Green, Taupe interior, Talladega alloys. I've owned it since 12/2001 when I bought it with just over 100,000 miles on it. I have every receipt over the past 9 years, including religious oil change frequency. The car currently has 250,xxx+ miles and is turn the key and go dependable. It has been my wife's daily driver, and she only agreed to part with it for a 9-5 wagon, which she now has.

Upgrades: This car is the poster child for every accessory available from SAAB, and then some. Viggen Intercooler, 9-3 Hydraulic Clutch upgrade, 9-3 shift linkage, Talladega Alloys, plus the aforementioned accessories included trunk mount CD changer, Smart tray, Chrome interior door handles (Talladega and later 9-3 models), SAAB winter floor mats and much much more. Also included are a complete set of Black door panels should the Buyer wish to make the change from Taupe.

Maintenance: Newer DI Cassette, SID is good, Air Bag controller replaced under recall, excellent clutch, new radiator, serpentine, pulleys, brakes and fresh Nokian tires. The car has never been serviced by a hack; I have a 1 car, 1 (factory trained) technician policy, so if it wasn't my hands on the car, we know who the other hands belonged to.

Needs: The driver's seat is well worn, but the others are in excellent shape. A/C is due for service, and the hood struts are weak. Hatch struts are fine.

Body: Minor dents as you might expect from parking lots. All will PDR if you have the right guy doing them. Has some minor surface rust under lip of trunk, and a small rust spot inside the left rear wheel arch, in the early stages that can be repaired easily. Stone chips on hood and front bumper from mostly highway miles.

As my wife's daily driver, turn key reliability was mission critical. She frequently did 800 mile round trips to visit family several times a year.

In summary, this would make an excellent commuter car, second car, kid's car, project car or winter car. Look at cheaper cars with little or no maintenance history, and add up the repairs to cheaper cars and then decide what a bargain this car is at $1,700.

Bottom Line: If you can find a better car for less money, buy it. I know what I have, I know the service history and I know that at a red light, even with my wife at the wheel, you'll be looking at tail lights while driving that cheaper bargain car. We all know somebody who also knows somebody else selling a cheaper car or who bought a cheaper car. But, if you are looking for the RIGHT car that won't leave you (or your wife, daughter, girl friend) stranded, then this is a car to consider.



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A good deal. My brother needs a first car and I could use a better DD so I might be in touch.

Ever do any suspension work and any rust on the shock/strut towers? At 250k, those would be my worries if they hadn't been previously addressed.
Sounds like a nice DD for a good price - it should sell quick to a good home.
A good deal. My brother needs a first car and I could use a better DD so I might be in touch.

Ever do any suspension work and any rust on the shock/strut towers? At 250k, those would be my worries if they hadn't been previously addressed.
It's had strut caps, tie rod ends, boots as needed. It's a PA car, so annual safety inspection is mandatory. Towers are good. The only rust is the small spot on the left rear wheel arch and some minor rust along the inside bottom edge of the hatch.

I also forgot to mention that it does have an Optima RedTop battery (one of the last USA made ones, NOT the piece o' crap Mexican ones.) It also has the nicer (and pricier) 911 style BOV.

The worst part of the car is the leather on the driver's seat. It's a non-smoker car and very nice inside.

Unlike some used car sellers, I value my reputation (everybody knows me), so the car will be as described and anything I know about the car will be disclosed. Anything it should need for safety or reliability has been taken care of and you buy a car with piece of mind that it has always been well cared for. It will leave with a new owner clean and with a full tank of gas, too.

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Sold it today....found a good local home with a SAAB enthusiast...the spousal unit was somewhat emotional about seeing it leave...go figure.
Congrats! Is the car going to be attending future Saab events then?
Hope so, but we'll see if his schedule permits.
I'm good friends with the guy who bought it, and to be honest, I doubt he will go to any events. But hey, he even surprises me sometimes so you never know I guess
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