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Free QTP 3" Electronic Exhaust Cut Out

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A buddy of mine sold his exhaust off his SRT4 and just gave me a QTP cutout... should I install it? and what would be the best way to get from my center console through the floor? If I put it in I was planning on putting the switch where the TCS on/off would be. I guess I could follow the ebrake cable.
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Cut out

I have one on my Viggen and it is fantastic! Mounted before the cat but after the first O2. No check engine lights as long as you don't open the cut out for too long at idle RPM.

One of the best upgrades I have done..

Right you are, I am satisfied with it too. Use it without any doubts.
i have the JT 2 muffler no cat setup so ill just put it after the 2nd o2. you should post a video of what it sounds like. im sure it sounds mean.
id be intersted in seeing a video on a saab as well ive thought about these for quite a while
On a 9-3SS 2.0T

nice! my stage 4 ng900 should sound nasty with the 3inch qtp.
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