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Free Beer! Sept. 29 is Budweiser National Happy Hour
ST. LOUIS, Mo. -- Budweiser, in an effort to appeal to the under-30 set that has ignored the brand, will unleash its biggest-ever national free-sample effort in trendy bars and eateries.

The campaign begins Monday, with the slogan "Grab some Buds."

The hype culminates on Sept. 29, when the brand hosts the "Budweiser National Happy Hour," a bid by Bud to nudge folks to at least try a free brewski. The free samples for those 21 and up range from 6 ounces to 12 ounces, depending on state and local rules.

Beer drinkers have lost loyalty to Bud for the past seven years, research firm Brand Keys reports. Budweiser ranks 30th on Interbrand's 2010 list of most valuable global brands - the same as 2009.

The promotion comes as upscale consumers are turning to craft beers, the price-conscious are trading down, and others switched to light beers. "It's a triple whammy," says Michael Bellas, CEO at Beverage Marketing.

Executives at Anheuser-Busch, a wholly owned subsidiary of Belgium-based Anheuser-Busch InBev, insist they can reignite interest from younger drinkers .

"Brands can come back," says Dave Peacock, A-B president. "Consumers have a high awareness of the brand, but some haven't tried it in a long time."

How he hopes to win 'em back:

Sampling. A-B will hand out 500,000 samples by mid-October. "When we get the trial, we find we have a positive result," Peacock says.
Facebook. Bud plans to partner with Facebook so folks turning age 22 and up can get a free beer on birthdays.
New ads. Ads air Saturday about anticipating good times with Bud.
Focus. A-B will focus 95 percent of TV ad time on Bud Sept. 25 to Oct. 3.
So what if it tastes like Mexican water - at least it's not going to leave you with dysentery...

September 30th - Coldstone Creamery
Free ice cream refers to 3 oz. sample of Kate's Creation served out of a ready to love pan in a Like It cup. - So it's free, but more of a scam to get you in the door - but hey, Ice Cream is Ice Cream!

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