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Due to very unforeseen circumstances, I am loosing storage of what I had been keeping as a parts car. It is located in Bristol, NH and is free, if you come pick it up.

The car is a 2000 9-3 base model, 4 door. It is black with tan interior and an automatic trans. It has 101k on it and is completely rust free.

Things that are removed:

1. The front end is damaged from the accident so most front end parts are wrecked
2. Engine is gone
3. SID is gone
4. Rear hatch is gone
5. Rear seats are gone, but I could replace if you really wanted a complete interior
6. Various interior pieces are gone

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to share. I recognize that this isn't the most ideal parts car, and has a pretty small group of people that could reasonably pick it up.

Some of the parts that are good on it:

1. Many electrical components
2. Rear bumper, tail lights, etc.
3. Window regulators
4. All 4 doors are at least 90% or better condition (minor scratching on one side)
5. Auto trans
6. Rear axle, suspension
7. Exhaust
8. Body for any cannibalistic rust repair on other cars

Let me know, thanks.
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