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Jerrit Erickson

Mountain View, CA, USA

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Free, just pay shipping

For free is a set of 16 inch stock "viking" wheels originally from a 1997 ng900 se turbo, mounted with a set of dunlop star spec tires in 205/50/r16.

These were on the car when it was raced in lemons, but have been sitting on a tire rack for the last 4 or 5 years since the car has been in a different series, running different equipment. I had no reason to keep them, but I have a habit of hoarding car parts until I eventually need to make room for newer hoarded car parts.

The wheels are covered in yellow paint on top of a base coat of white plasti-dip for removability. I could pressure wash this off for you.

The tires have plenty of tread depth for a star spec. Note that these aren't meant to be used in freezing temperatures or in the wet even when new, and this set is pretty old, showing a 0211 date code (as in, the second week of the year 2011). But, they're been stored indoors this whole time and look like they're in good condition.

If you can think of a use for them, they're yours. Just pay the shipping.

The last time I shipped a set of wheels was from California to Pennsylvania in 2016, costing $82. With some margin for error, shipping anywhere in the US will probably be around that, ballpark, but I can get you an actual quote.


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