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FOR SALE: 4 Voxx Toscana 16" wheels and tires

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FOR SALE: 4 Voxx Toscana 16" wheels and tires *SOLD*

I've sold my 9-3 SE Convertible and no longer need the 16" Voxx Toscana wheels and tires.

These were summer wheels for me. The tires will need to be replaced soon. You could get the rest of the season out of them, but you'd be better off with new tires.

The wheels are in fantastic shape. Comes with Voxx center caps, centering rings, Voxx specific lug nuts.

Located in Walpole, MA. Prefer local sale. $200. Need them gone. More detailed pictures coming today.

Stock image:
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Wow, don't think I've seen these but they look pretty nice. Wish I wasn't in Korea :)

Good luck with the sale, though !
Are they 16x7?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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