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1981 8v c900 sedan, 1990 2.0 9k carlsson, 1992 21 c900 sedan
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Hi everyone,

I've successfully installed foglights onto my 1982/83 900S using parts sourced from Ebay sellers. Once I get a digital camera working with my computer to transfer pics I can upload some pictures of the modifications, and I'm going to re-draft the circuit diagram printed on the Saab instruction manual that comes with the wiring kit to show the differences between the 1984+ fuse panel arrangement and the 1983- fuse panels (such as the one in my car) which use ceramic fuses instead of blade fuses.

I've created a new web page on my personal C900 site which will eventually contain into about what parts I used, including part numbers, where I got the parts from, and how everything has come together to enable me to get the task completed.

The only thing I need to do today is tidy up the wiring and wrap up all the cable sheaths, etc. with self-amagamating butyl rubber tape under normal electrical tape to restore the water-ingress features of the original cabling setup from the fuse panel.

Now I am about to take apart the left side headlight and repair the lens gasket after I've noticed it's filling up with water when it rains. Headlights are not mean to be looking like miniature acquariums! :cool: lol


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