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Floor Rusters?

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I've already seen several folks here refer to removing the "floor rusters" in their posts. That's amusing but I understand those would be the rubber-backed foam pads under most of the carpeting. And I get it as I've seen several come out soaked in water when all seemed dry otherwise.
What do some of you guys do for this? Remove them at first opportunity? Replace them with some other material? I assume just leaving them out would affect the noise level and overall fit of the carpets, etc.
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I first left them out and as you mentioned, the carpets did not fit correctly.

Here's what I ended up doing:
Doesn't affect much, actually, aside from the amount of rust you're likely to get in the future in the car.

Makes the carpet feel a little "flat" more so than with them there, but no biggie.
I did not notice any carpet fitment issues, however there is a slight bit more road noise, especially if you have a performance exhaust. Just turn the radio up...

I would always reccomend removing the factory floor rusters, whether they are replaced by something or not.
I went along the same lines as IronJoe. I laid down some FatMat just to an inital Seal but used Dynaliner second.
thanks folks. At the very least I'll start pulling them on my current driver (which currently leaks around the driver's door) and the other one that's outside since I already ripped the seats and carpet out of it.
My last 'beater' was a base '85 900 3dr that had belonged to a friend. It hadn't had anything but seats and floor mats in it for years. Add in a mishmash exhaust and bad wheel bearings, you could barely hear yourself scream when out on the highway.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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