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Fixed my A/C just in time

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So I had the infamous fault 08 on my ac/c which was causing the drivers side of the car to blow heat no matter what I set it too. Now I wanted it fixed today because it was 90 out today and will be for the rest of the summer. So I could have spent $50 online for the shaft repair and the stopper arm or go to the dealership and spend $70 for the same thing. So I decided it was worth $20 more to get it done today. I being a mechanic am smarter than the average consumer and went in to the dealership with part numbers. They were about to close and the guy seemed to be having a bad day but he was so happy I brought him part numbers he sold the parts to me for $49.73. Sweet is all I can say and well the lesson learned here is sometimes coming prepared will get you what you want for the price you want it at. All in all good day
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