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Fixed my A/C installed new evaporator.

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My A/c has been blowing hott for about a 8 months now. Started in winter months so it never bothered me but living in FL the heat / rain is getting ridiculous so with the help of my father we determined there was a rather large leak in the system and made an educated guess it was the evaporator since you could almost hear the leak coming out of the AC vents. Followed the WIS instructions for taking it out, and its actually a pain, nothing to hard just very time consuming and you basically tear apart the entire passanger side of your car. Took it out sure enough evaporator was corroded at a corner.

Put in the new one which is a 2 piece assembly that way you can get the hoses threw the firewall. Only took about 40 to put the new one in and hoses hooked up. Vacuumed down the system and it held pressure so sure enough the original leak was the evaporator. Put some freeon in and found out my compressor wasnt turning on because of a blown fuse in the engine bay thank god. replaced the fuse and no i have a perfect working cold blowing A/C system :eek:

So anyone with hott a/c or loosing freeon i recommend checking the evaporator.
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