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Are you just sick and tired of seeing posts of scmucks starting their project thread before their project even starts? Well, Raul is not like that. Raul posts when project is finished or near completion. You can't make it in America if you are not ahead of people that are on the bottom. I take pride in being creative and productive.

Project: Raul's 1980 900 GLE project, getting rid of the crap B201 engine, getting rid of the crap auto tranny (quit on 54k miles saab lost their reputation on auto trannys), getting rid of the crap K-Jetronic. Installing 16 valve B202 engine and 5 speed Manual transmission, LH2.4 jetronic, ignition system out of 91T, 147 module and distributor, APC system out of 84t gray box, oil cooler out of 83t, front fascia out of 83t, intercooler out of 85t, pipes out of 91t, exhaust system, power steering system, AC system, boost gauge and tachometer. Total cost of project including the car $560

Car runs great, I am happy. Project completed, enjoy the photos, Raul is the best, know that.

project started in November

Hole is drilled bigger so that LH2.4 harness can go trough and power steering reservoir is installed.

only 53K miles and automatic transmission gave up, this is what ruined saab quality reputation, people were buying a car that costs same as BMW and tranny quits only on 53k miles or sooner.

Here you can see, fuel filter is at original location, old charcoal canister is replaced with LH2.4 canister, and ignition modules is out of late model T.

Production date of November of 1979

1 - 20 of 41 Posts