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FINALLY eliminated quirky handling and front end noises!

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I was determined to find the source of much banging around and a pull to the right when giving my '95 Aero a bit of gas. What I found was that the two, new in December, front control arm rear poly bushings were allowing a good 1/4" play in the control arm and they clunked noticeably during that movement. Then, as I was changing the driver side, the control arm dropped right down as soon as I unbolted the bushing. So the front bushings were bad too. Oh, and two of the bushing caps had disintegrated too. Of course while disassembling the end links, I broke one (what else is new). Replaced that, then replaced the end link bushings with poly bushings that I bought at Advance Auto. They fit perfectly. I'm happy to say, I finally have my Aero back.
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Good information.
I've heard tell that Wood is an equivalent bushing to poly/delrin ;)
I'm not likely to try that either though.
In my experiences the usual reason for the front ali bushings break up is hitting the curb.
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