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Fiero with a SAAB 2.0T! Awesome!

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haha, this is awesome and I don't believe it's been posted here yet... 2.0L mated to a Porsche Boxster tranny.

Sounds mean and looks to be a very clean swap. When it first started it sounded like a V8 lol.

God, I really love the Swede's.
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Bad. Ass.
I want the skills to build stuff like that.
lol - listen close around 0:54 into it - sounds like she says "Boner"

Engine looks like it was put together very nicely - clean install. Perhaps a future "kit" of adapters for doing such a project? lol I think the DeLorean could benefit from a 2.3 Aero motor with some upgrades....
Aireeca needs to head back down to 'Bama and find a Fiero donor!
Better yet, drop it in a Mera, one of those factory-built 308 clones on the Fiero chasis. I saw one (and a DeLorean) at the Hemmings cruise-in last week.

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I wish there was more pics concerning their solution for the oil pan
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