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Nice Spread you Guys have put on for

everyone to Enjoy,my names Scott(y) and have

only recently been a Convert to the Brand and

have been

Working/Building/Racing(rebuilding)/Showing and

Enjoying the Automobile for about

Was brought up on a Strict Diet of "Holden/Chev

Only but have always looked beyond the Badge of

any Vehicle and can Admire and Respect anyones

Pride and Joy.
So,Saab's hey, have never until recently(10yrs

or so) been known for thier "Stunning" Lines or

"Sexy/Bold" Interiors so im guessing the Chap

in charge of Design etc must have rulled with

an Iron(an Ugly Iron) fist and was more of your

Practical "Meat and 3veg" types with a Saturday

Night Only "Telly On" Rule,until he was ousted

and replaced by the "Cool Set" that hung around

after a hard day's work at Saab and play

Atari's version of GranTurismo whilst quietly

plotting his demise and Dreaming of a brighter

Future,where Saab could co-exist with other

European Car Companys and not be singled out

and gagged upon because of there Round Backs

and Faceless Fronts. I think that we can all

relate and learn a little from this dont you?.
I owm/drive a 96 9000 and have been slowly

getter it back into shape and to see it's

transition from a Car that was forced into an

Early Retirement via a UnRoadworthy

Certificate(death sentance) and led out to the

Paddock adjacent to the Carport it once led a

fullfilled Life as "Mums Runaround"(not my Mum)

to be slowly killed off and have to Suffer the

even more Horrific Torture of being just

Yards(or Feet) away from its Successor.
To being snatched up on ebay for a

Bargain,bought back by resuscitation and a good

Set of Jumper Cables,and driven a 100km's to

it's New Home where its since had the "Full

Once Over",spit and Polish,Tweak the ECU(thank

you ecuproject) by me.
And as those brave(cool) Men and Women who

changed the Face of the Brand looked to the

Future,i just want to simply enjoy this next

Chapter in my Motoring Life and maybe try to

reflect a little of my Personality onto the

"Now in my heart" Saab 9000(and maybe 9-5 in the Future)

and After to Date.

Uploaded with

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