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I have a full set of 4 Winterforce snows from my 9000 - not sure if I want to downsize and sell the tire or the tires with wheels or what yet. Anyone interested in either the 15" Griffin wheels with center caps and a set of Winterforce snows used 2-3 light/short seasons (9 months of road use) They are near 7/32 all (or more) they are NOT studded. 195/65/15 - from my 9000 (which I vowed will never see winter/salt again.

Bare rims - thinking of asking $300 for the set with 5 center caps (Ubber rare wheels)

Tires alone thinking like $200 for tires

Together maybe $400?

Thoughts? Anyone interested if I decide to sell?

Also - I have a set of these deep dished 9000 CSE directional's;

Tires are dry rotten Michelin Energy's I am removing - so rims only with center caps. $150 for full set of 4 rims with light scratches to none - 9 out of 10 for condition. I can install new valve stems as well or mount your tires to them for a little extra.
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