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Feeler: 9-3 bumpers + Cat kit for Viggen bumpers

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Like the title says, I would consider trading my 9-3 bumpers and a unmounted catalog kit for Viggen bumpers. I think this would be a pretty even trade, but if I'm wrong let me know. I don't need the vig side skirts, but they would be nice to have. I want to finish up the paintwork on my car, so id need them soon, and I don't have money to ship these around, but i could drive ~100 miles to swap them.

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If your interested in just selling the catalog side skirts out right, please let me know. I have $$$ and I will pay.

- Duane
If nobody wants to trade I would consider it.
If nobody wants to trade I would consider it.
Okay, let me know man.
That catalog kit is making the rounds!!!
If nobody wants to trade I would consider it.
if you sell the cat kit, i have a full 2dr viggen kit i'm looking to sell
If nobody wants to trade in the next day or so, the front and rear parts will def be put on. Not sure about the side skirts. cant decide between the SE or cat. ones.
If anyone is interested I'm still up for a trade.
god i am sooooo tempted.... just dont wanna have to mess with the damn splash shields for the front......

plus thats a hell of a drive. over 6 hours to you lol..... still tempted though!
Unfortunately I don't have the splash shields. Bumpers are in good shape. No cracks on the bumpers. The front has a couple holes from a license plate :(, but it would get covered up by the cat kit.

We could meet halfway or something. If you have all the little stuff that I would need to switch I would consider delivering them.
Still thinking about it k1llsh0rty?
Still willing to do this.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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