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Factory 9-5 Navigation System in NG900

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Hey everyone,

I've been strongly interested in knowing how difficult it would be to install a factory 9-5 navigation system in a 2002 9-3 SE. After much research, I found a thread on SaabCentral, however the information was incomplete and has not brought up solutions or recommendations.

After a couple hours of searching harder on the net, I was able to trace down a Swedish Saab forum where a member has briefly described his endeavor and success in doing this. I've had to translate the text to English, which sometimes makes for funny sentences.

Anyways, this vehicle was not equipped with OnStar and the GPS fin, so I wonder if it would be even easier to connect the system to the existing OnStar antenna. Has anyone got any ideas? I'll post the information here as I believe it could be very useful to members in the future.

"Navigation from 9-5 M05
AS2 final step from 9-5
Disconnect automatic electrical tin. Hoisted up only when I press a button.Listening course, most of the CD so I do not have the ugly up there."
"It comes from a 9-5 M05 has been a bit behind modify, and remove the cup holder. ('ll See how I get along without it)"

I have started a bit in a small way with navigation. Most of the time was spent to clean and fit fine on the car lights. As Navigation was painted said today anyway so it has the same color as the SID and air vents.

The navigation worked. However, a lot remains to kopplka. The final stage is not connected yet. Then I would have to know where I can find the speed signal. Is it from a control unit DICE I pick it? Would be good if I knew what I must look elchema in.

To my great joy, I discovered that there was a plate of Navigation
Makes you wonder where it has been dismantled. Navigation started on the fact Kardanvägen in THN

Speed signal picks you from the ABS / ABSTC or ABSESP control unit pin 23rd. But DICE will also be involved in determining a bit. Will check further on why. The wiring diagram is from 9-5 2004 4door
The question is where I find the corresponding images for 9-3 M01?
Unfortunately, it's not exactly the speed signal wire on elchemat.
Know that it will be somewhere in the transmission fuse center.

By the way, you can speed signal on the cable that Dice picking info from the ABS (probably just 23 pins). The need for this infon SID and other components. Although T7 control unit picks speed signal.
You should intrude on the ABS / TCS / ESP for this signal, not the DICE when it is transformed into the bus communication.
Unfortunately, I only have 9-5 on my private WIS.
Check out my now WIS, and 9-5 down to 01 as Hub connected on pin 23, and it should be the same at 9-3
Navigation is from 9-5 M05 yes!

Maybe even go to connect to the signal from the SID? Would surely save the pulp wiring. Or is the signal to a SID converted from DICE?

Unfortunately, a converted signal. Checked the details are probably not using the signal that goes to either T7, when that signal changes between model years and what kind of system you have.
Without Pin 23 is applicable, but at 9-5 is the wiring diagram under the treaties at the right wheel arch, where AMP1 likely to sit. Although this provides that the speedometer via a Krimpen, but this is just the only cars with ABS, TCS etc. with cars driving by bus communication.
Now I have sound in skrället
It has to be resolved are:
The antenna is just not up down
Speed signal missing
A little more serious connections and cables.
May be a shopping trip to Bandung tomorrow.
Was damn happy when I noticed that the steering wheel buttons worked as they should, I had not dared hope for

Now I come home after a looong day! Did not know it would take so long to fix some wires

This is how it has looked like anyway

Has been cut off some of the device will enter the hole.

This has taken most of the time.
Adapter Cables.

Did a little fullösning on the antenna, which works party

So it was finally clear.
Took the opportunity to paste there a little sign on nev unit.

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9-5 Navigation System in NG900 - Part 2


I'm really happy with the sound, huge difference
To my delight everything works as before, steering wheel buttons, antenna, RDS time in the SID and the Night Panel
However, so navigation would not work today, think it was that I had to modify any dish on which they were in the crash bar on the back of the panel. Do look at it tomorrow.
I could not use my original "basket" to the device when it got too far out, so now I've screwed with the screw from below, can access if you loosen the ACC panel.
Now the question is whether you can connect the CD changer to this unit.
think you should be able to use a CD changer to be 9-5 M05
Do hope that the car remains executable a while so I can start living a life.

It is at Navin what pins are for, so it is very easy to make an adapter cable. I used the plug from one AS2/3-stereo, works just fine, everything you need except hastihetssignalen in the old connector. Then you must of course, of course, to nail a GPS antenna also ...

Should it be mounted in a 9-5 which has already been at least as AS2 is the creation of liquid, even worse if you have AS1 .. (As I had).

Insert picture of functioning adapter cable, however, I made my way to

Ang changer so will the 9-3/9-5 changer any time funk, not 9-5 växlarn to 3.4 navsystemet.

Someone who knows how AS2 stage works, thinking of the channels. Are the filters on these or on signal from the stereo. Or play the full register?
I've Got a channel that would be passed to a loudspeaker in the middle. Thought you could use this to base. en 8" are vore nog inte fel. 1:08 "are not enough error.
Have checked the connector to the antenna now and it seems okay!
The problem is that I get no GPS reception emellenåt
I have mounted the antenna in the glove box, but since yesterday I've finally step above, where the air bag that sits in the usual case.
Will the course be that big?
Someone who knows exactly where the antenna sits on 9-5 M02?

GPS antennas usually require a clear view of the sky.
So if you have the built-in panel, also in a final step, it is unfortunately the problem.
GPS signals are not good at getting through div mtrl, can not compare with having a mobile, or an ordinary radio.
Important oxo the antenna is positioned for optimal results.

Have not plugged in than the speed signal. WIS: one at work had no nummrering on elcheman Since there were not 9-3 with Do talk to the data manager that he will arrange the ****.
What do Nav device speed beeping to own for?
I've got it to work without this. For it may well not only for speed-dependent volume?

Nah, it is usually the use of a microphone.
Speed signal using the most likely to improve accuracy, calibrated against the pulse. The "learn" by comparing the speed of the pulses measured against the satellite movement. In addition, it can then continue navigating the signal disappear, for example in tunnels, car parks o similar. (Who said of sight to the sky ...)
Often, they want to have a back-up signal oxo so they know if the car is moving forward or backward. Do not know how an org navi know this, but on my VDO coupled to the reversing light signal.

At 9-5, it is very much easier to relax when you have already drawn up cables to your stereo. At 9-3 you can always also wiring for stage and speakers.
What cables should go to find, as I said on the back of your stereo.
Then there is also the final step which cables go where.
But one elchema is better so you can see directly on the connector which goes to what.

For the 9-5'orna I remember that the GPS antenna sits in hajfenan. True or false?? Many older luxury cars had them sitting in the rear window bottom or top edge, jsut of view of the sky. (Unless they had a new awesome puck on skuffluckan or ceiling,

Accessory gps'en on my last 9-5'or (Saab VDO kit) had the antenna up as a small 5x5 cm's puck up on intrumentpanelen, behind the alarm LED.
So step one, I suspect, is to move the antenna. Is it normal coax connection on it, you might buy a nice accessory to add puck on the dashboard, they are quite small and unassuming.

At the navigator I use an antenna other originals. This will sit under the dashboard of 9-5: s.
But I will try to move it tomorrow, we'll see how it goes. Do oxå it has with the placement during the step to do. Did the course when I had a provisional step on the floor.
GPS antenna is located behind the main instrument on the right, up, speaking in a plastic mount. That is, there is no clear line of sight and works just fine ..

many plastics are relatively "transparent" for the GPS signals.
(And other radio signals)
Especially as long as they do not contain too many minerals. Then dampen the too much.
A final step is not "transparent" for signals.
Do not know what kind of plastic in the dashboard. PP may, the right kind ..
But make sure you do not have metal between the sky and the antenna.
It is the "original location" Weggen talking about so it's probably proven, and it is just "cap" on intrumentbrädan (and box) which is in the road.

Yep today I plugged in the speed signal, and moved the antenna. It did the trick
Now it works cleanly.
Also had problems with that I could not find in Swedish cities, but discovered that one could choose region. it was managing to spain
But now it's Sweden and everything works prima. Just have to learn all the features. It seems a bit complicated to delete old routes, etc..
Must see if you can order a manual. It must va a sign that you're getting old huh?
Gazer>>> pin signal or speed?
It took me from the black connector within which sits huvlås-lever. Orage / white wire Pin 6
But it can distinguish between 9-5 and 9-3.

It worked with the cable that showed yes?
I do not know, I picked a square signal from the ABS unit.

Today when I would change the disc in the navigation so it became something sound!
The disc was ejected, as usual, but when I took off the disc so the engine continued to eject all the time, that is buzzing. Tried to stop in another and the same sound again, but the rollers that outputs all the time went. Tried to shut it down, but to no avail.
Eventually after a lot of trials and on and so was a disc in.
since then it works normally again
Anyone experienced something something like that?

Which parts can be used from 9-3AN, Have AS3 you can have the step up to the speakers left or you need it from 9-5?
I've balanced pre-outs and to avoid converting, etc. so I mounted one final step from AS2 at 9-5 in my car. The sound was a complete surprise. Really good it was.
So the only thing you can use is the cabling to the speakers and the speakers in my opinion. The funny thing is that everything works just like the 9-5: an as steering wheel buttons, light sensor in the regulation of the SID, black panel, etc.. I had not dared hope for.

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Wow, that is 100% awesome. I have always looked at videos of that car in awe so that you for posting this. I think this should be stickied, personally.
Wow, that is 100% awesome. I have always looked at videos of that car in awe so that you for posting this. I think this should be stickied, personally.
Not aware of the videos - do you think you can post a link to them if they are still available? They don't seem to be working for me on the car's website.

And I also think this should be stickied ;) We could collect information here for people to try this modification also.
Well, just to name a few videos:

Compatible with 1997 NG900s?

Could this be done with a NG900s. I am looking to spice up my car inside and out, and if I could install a navigation system that would be minty!
Could this be done with a NG900s. I am looking to spice up my car inside and out, and if I could install a navigation system that would be minty!
BUy an apple play android HU and you'll have a much better sytem
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