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engine cuts out

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1993-9000-CSE Turbo/4 cyl/ TCS

Engine cuts out unexpectedly at any speed. Will restart right away.

On a couple of occasions I noticed the rpm meter bounce down and back up.

The starter is now wired directly to the ignition because was having problems restarting and could not isolate the problem. Engine now restarts all the time right after it cuts out.

Have replaced crank position sensor, ignition switch, throttle body, tried new DIC, cleaned earth grounds in engine compartment and one under dash on drive's side. Also cleaned the DIC connector and the plug that goes into the firewall.

Previously to throttle body replacement the car had a very heavy pedal with poor acceleration and occasionally the TCS would go into limp mode.

One night the car stopped and was not able to restart. Starter would engage but engine would not. When the DIC and ignition switch where replaced the car restarted but would continue to cut out.

Currently the car has the old DIC back on and a throttle body from a 96-9000.The throttle body has improved the performance of the car and the limp mode does not come on anymore but the engine continues to cut out suddenly. Have not been able to discern any pattern.

Help :)

Thank you,

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Have you checked the fuel pump?
Thank you Legit and Boostpowered. I originally asked my mechanic about that but he didn't seem to feel that was the issue.

I'm wondering if there is resistance building up somewhere in the electrical system that eventually shuts down the fuel pump. Is that a possibility? Is there a simple test I can do to check the fuel pump?

Also, after cleaning the grounds the hatch-open light now stays on and the central locking doesn't work. I can't even replace the central locking fuse because it blows immediately. Wondering if it's all reated somehow. Any ideas?

Are you able to tell me where the central locking system relay is located?

Is there another ground in the cabin or hatch area?

Many thanks in advance.
How can you have a '96 throttle body on it when it's a TCS car?
How can you have a '96 throttle body on it when it's a TCS car?
i wonder about the throttle body as well,, unless it was a 95 with TCS, and he made a mistake on the year.....
TCS was optional in 96, or so says quasimotors.
I was told it came from a 96!?!
take a pic of the throttle body
have you had the new throttle body mated to the car via tech 2?
Didn't know mating was required. What will tech 2 do?

Aren't all the 9k TCS throttle bodies the same?

Today replaced the igniton switch with a new one (previously used a used one) and the engine hasn't cut out yet. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Yes, you have to have the tb programmed/calibrated to the car.

You can use a 94-95 tb with the gold plated contacts on an older car without issue.
OK. Thanks. What happens if it's not calibrated? At the moment it seems to be running fine. Peharps it's a 94-95 tb?
OK. Thanks. What happens if it's not calibrated? At the moment it seems to be running fine. Peharps it's a 94-95 tb?
The tcs ecu needs to be calibrated to the throttle body you put on so that the ecu knows exactly when the tb closed. Without doing that the throttle body will get burned out and die
Just wanted to do a follow up: I checked with the indie who replaced the throttle body and he confirmed that it was calibrated. Good thing for me to know, because I was under the impression that one could just do a straight swap.

I got a hold of a fuel pressure valve and a fuel pump and installed both.

The engine still cuts out. The only pattern I've noticed recently it that it happens within the first five minutes of the first drive of the day. When the event happens, the tach pops down and back up, depressing throttle pedal then has no affect on the engine and the battery indicator (showing the engine is off) doesn't come on until 2 or 3 seconds after that. The car always restarts right away (ignition wired directly to starter).

Any help, welcome :)

The power door lock issue was unrelated. I crushed some wires when I replaced the rear view mirror. Repaired.
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