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Engine Bay Decoration

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Several weeks ago, I had one of my graphic artists work on the SAAB Griffen to use in a large format application. Once the file was finished, I gave it to a friend who output the file on his 84" plotter, using some new product samples as a test. Then yesterday, I affixed the art to the sound deadening material on the hood of my 9000. Thought I would share the pics. The material is not sticking the way I was hoping, so it most likely will be removed. Then I will plot out a paint mask and see how that works out.

Close up of the Griffen

Wider view of engine bay w/the GRIFFEN.
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Looks cool! How is the adhesive going to hold up to the underhood temps though?
Just a thought but why not remove the insulation and spray it. IDK, maybe light gray and then remove the vinyl too reveal a dark charcoal griffin? I think it would look alot better and should last.
The vinyl is not sticking to the material. So I am about to pull it off. Basically, I am going to do as you suggested, but I will be using Cirrus White, that is the color of the car and the overall color theme is White / Black.

I only have one concern about the spray process and that pertains to the crispness of the image edges, and there are a lot of edges ! I think there is going to be a significant feathering of the edges, that is why I tried the vinyl first.
Do a spray job with a griffin stencil, that will stay.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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