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Emergency help needed in Montpelier

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As an update to my last thread (, I tried to leave for work this morning and can't even get the car out of gear to put in reverse, so I'm stuck. I have two days off until I have to work again, is there anyone that would be able to help me get my car working again? I'm not entirely sure what's involved and I have almost nothing in the way of tools with me, and just a big driveway to work in. I also hardly have any cash available for parts or labor, but I do have some things available for trade if anyone would be so generous to help me out. This is my only mode of transportation. I really appreciate it, let me know if you can help me out!
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id help you out if i was local ..... SOMEONE HELP THIS GUY OUT!!!!!
Wish I was less than 3 hours away man, good luck.
May be able to help you out, I'll PM you my cell#
As your other thread describes - it does sound like a master cylinder failure. Agin - not what you want to hear, but I wish I could help you out man - a few states away and would help you no charge as a Saab guy. Someone best help this guy out! I'll see if I have a master laying around - I could always mail it to you, and we could work out the other details another time (if i have one)
Fixed, thanks to Seriks1!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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