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OK I purchased a new battery bacause it would not hold a charge. I think I have a bad alternator because I'm not getting above 12.5 V when testing new battery connceted to the car. I hear a winding noise when car is running and I smell something from the alterantor location.

Question: If I have a bad alternator should the new battery drain when car is turned off?

For some reason the new battery drained after a couple of day sitting connected to the car. Would the alternator drain the battery or should I look for something else that is draining the battery? Everything is off: trunk light, glove box, so on.. Is it possible I have a Parasitic electrical drain on the battery. Any known problems with 97 900 SE Conv.. I should be looking for?

By the way rebuilt Alternator at pep boys $160. Over $400. through dealer. What a mark up!!!
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