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dtc P1312&P1334-time for new DIC?

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So after a few months finally thought I got things sorted out well enough on the new to me 01 9-5 LPT to register the car and put it on the road. Car failed inspection because of stored code P1312. I had just driven the car 100 miles all day and everything was fine. No cel. Went back to car after inspection and cel was on. Got home and put obd2 reader on and got P1312 and P1334. Internet research indicates probably DIC. Car seems to be running pretty well but I do notice a pause/hesitation when the throttle is blipped from idle. Having only owned C900's didn't know if this was normal for the car. I've changed the plugs with NGK's per owners manual and same as what was on the car and cleared the codes a few times but always comes back on. Found out there was a recall on the DIC and called Saab and found out it was replaced on my car already. :(
Little history:
Bought car with badly smoking engine. Would run ok, no codes but had timing chain rattle. Replaced turbo and smoking gone. Checked chain tensioner and got 16-17mm so chain is stretched. Played around with chain and put it back on off a tooth. Engine didn't run well and cel came on. Reset chain again and ran ok with no cel until now but don't think related. BUT seems like car vibrates more at idle now though it may be my imagination. No previous experience with 95's so hard for me to tell. Any help would be appreciated. Hate to buy a DIC when thats not the problem though based on what I read it may be a good idea to have a spare. TIA

01 9-5 LPT
84K, AT
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