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I went to the track Friday night with intentions of running a tenth or 2 faster than last month(14.99). I have put a Jt 3" turbo back exhaust on since then. I also removed my mbc because I have noticed a lack of power at top end with it on, even with the exhaust.

If you cant see the #s in the pic here are the main ones :
60ft : 2.261
1/8 : 9.500
1/4 : 14.556
MPH : 98.96

I was only at 92mph with the mbc on in last months run. The air was also alot cooler and dryer this month, so some of the loss in time is because of that. My friend in his camaro(left lane on the slip) ran 2 tenths faster because of the air conditions.

So if you have an mbc, you can see that you arent actually faster in a drag race with it. I really dont see an mbc good for anything but crusing around town in 2nd gear because of the torque rush. You might think that it will get you a better 60ft time( I did), but my 60ft with it on was 2.924 last month. Cleary, an mbc is not a good upgrade. Especially after you factor in the abuse to your engine and tranny.
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