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Dick Milham,
Ford, Saab, Scion, Toyota
3810 Hecktown Rd.
Easton Pa. (610)-253-9191

Took my car in for a dignosic
Service was good, people were friendly. They did excatly as I asked them Plus provided me with a list of what parts I needed as well as what services i need.
And thier open late monday thu thursday 6am to 12am

But two things I dont recommend Dont take the shuttle. They called to say the car was done an hour after I got home, and it took FIVE more hours for the damn shuttle to show up
Dont go when its snowing or was snowing. They'll more all thier cars around including yours losing it somewhere in the lot (ever look for your car in lot full of snow covered saabs, not fun)

check this post for the out come of the digonsic
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