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so previously on other cars i have had the typical caliper seizing, with the extremely hot wheel, tugging on the wheel, even smoking brakes.

this one is stumping me.

-Brakes have seemed mediocre for awhile, but i really have nothing to compare to.
-occasional tugs to the right, mostly at highway speeds, not really under braking
-sometimes i feel like im hearing brake squeak without touching the pedal, i can also sometimes get brake squeal when turning left (i have hawk hps's so they arent always silent, but they were mostly for a long period until recently)

the kicker is over the past month i have started losing brake fluid at a very slow rate. about a month ago taking a 180 degree on ramp i got the brake warning. checked fluid when i got home and it was a tad low. topped off and no issues. a little over 2 weeks later on the same on ramp, warning again, and lower fluid than last time.

the fluid loss is worrying me that im losing the brake master. im almost inclined to just replace the front two calipers since eeuro sells centric replacements for 60 bucks, although its a shame since it would be the only non OEM part on the car :(

if its the master this is the last straw...3 out of 4 years we've owned this car it has had a $1k repair bill. i need a car that doesnt do this.

any input?

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Get the wheels off, my 9-3 was making the grinding noise and the RR pad was wafer thin.

Check all 4, maybe you just need pads and a bleed.
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