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DI cassette T5

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hey guys i need a DI cassette for a 1999 93. lemme know!

will to pay 100 bucks or if you guys got a better deal? i know there 400 brand new im just curious how much do they go for used?

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change your spark plugs first.
Most any Black DI with a Cam position sensor failure code showing up in T7 will work great in a T5 car. With no problems. I've been running on Failed t7 DI's in my T5 cars for years. The part of the T7 DI that is needed for T7 isn't Needed for T5. As Long as all 4 coils are still functioning your OK. See if any body Locally has a few Bad black ones for you to try out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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