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dead trans -CEL codes:Scanned codes P0730, P0722 and P1624

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dead trans -CEL codes cleared, still no go

Hi there. Just got the 99 saab 9-5, 2.3 turbo, very nice car. Bought it with a blown engine. Put a used engine in there.

Last saturday we were driving for about 35 minutes from my house and the car drowe nice. No check engine or nothing. All the sudden check engine come on on the dash board and check gear box right beside it.
Pulled the car on the shoulder, put it in park, and then drive and you can feel it engaging but no gear just rpm go up and nothing. The same goes for reverse, gear 3, 2, 1 and nothing just the rpm go up and nothing.

Scanned codes P0730, P0722 and P1624. He cleared the codes the car starts fine but right away the codes come back and no gears. He says that the P1624 code is some kind of manufacturer code which he can not read it onlu tells him low or bad internal pressure.

Did tranny oil a month ago and it still looks like new and don't smell burnt. Please HELP!

So far - found the following:

P1624 &
p0730, P0730 Incorrect Gear Ratio
p0722, P0722 Output Speed Sensor Circuit No Signal

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The P1624 is simply the TCM (trans control) requesting that the check engine light be lit, it is not another fault.

Try replacing the output shaft speed sensor (or find a wiring diagram and check that the wires are ok)

The output sensor is the one on the top back of the trans, sort of under the brake master. 2 wire connector and one 10mm bolt holding it in.

You could also try swapping it w/ the input speed sensor on the front of the trans and see if the code changes to input sensor no signal, then you know the sensor is bad an not the wiring.

Drew, sounds like a great place to start!

The sensor is interchangeable?
snapped spare output sensor off - bolt came out fine, but sensor would not budge.

Is there a trick to getting the sensors out of the trans undamaged?
Output sensor part number - e440s007 number of teeth - 12

Input sensor part number - 3440s007 number of teeth - 18

So I can use it to test - but not as a permanent fix?
95 1998-2001 Speed Sensor For Transmission Output Shaft OES 8781932 $ 149.14


Any cheaper ideas? Is this something I can chance to the wreckers?

cheaper still: $138.00
Swaped input sensor in (from another trans - no output sensor available) - was able to clear the codes totally then codes came back:

722 & 1624

Does this mean I should spring for the new 150$ sensor or would a junkyard sensor be good enough?

Thank you for all your help!
Put in new output sensor from scrap yard - codes gone now.

Trans still does not move.

Feels like it engages, (rpm's slightly drop) but nothing happens.

Any further ideas ... who is the trans guru here?
+ Checked all connections to tranny, everything seems to be where it needs to be.
Do I need to reprogram the TCU after fitting spare from other car?

I take it by zero responses that I'm in the dark here on this one?
Local trans specialist says a broken output sensor would not stop trans from driving.

I jacked up the front end and removed the inspection plate, when in gear the flexplate is moving, just not the wheels.

I can spin the front wheel & it free-wheels but then stops - no power is getting to it.
Well, looks like I have to bite the bullet.

Rebuild kit from rockauto seems to be a good price 140$ Anyone have other suggestions while trans is out for upgrades? Is there a shift kit for this trans?

1999 SAAB 9-5 2.3L 2290cc L4 FI Turbo [B235E] DOHC : Transmission-Automatic : Overhaul Kit Wiki Price
PARTS AUTHORITY Part # K59900 Overhaul Kit
4 SP FWD AW5042LE Transmission

Also found part numbers for all internals needed here
Had a similiar incident when I did my powertrain swap after I bought a car with a bad engine. I had some issues putting the torque converter into the transmission and then bolting the transmission up. But never got it to the point where it was running and then stopped.

One thing you can do, is to drain as much fluid as you can out of the transmission and the cooler lines and then fill the transmission back up. Start the car and move the shifter around, check the fluid. The fluid level should drop as the system fluid is being forced into the empty spaces in the system.
If the fluid does not change, the pump in the transmission is shot. Interesting that it worked at all after the change.

The other possibility is that the torque converter gernaded. Possibly not seated correctly. Seating those things is very difficult if you don't know what you are doing and aren't following the WIS guidelines. According to WIS if I remember correctly, when the torque converter is seated correctly there will be 15mm between the torque converter surface and the mating surface of the transmission.

The transmissions are fairly tough if they have there fluids changed at regular intervals and aren't abused by high output motors. Even then they seem to hold up pretty well. I would imagine something went wrong during the powertrain swap and just took some time to show itself.
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Also the reason your getting P0722 isn't necessarily a bad sensor but is most likely due to the fact that the computer knows the output shaft should be moving because the input shaft is moving when the car is in gear. The sensor works by reading a magnet that is placed on the output shaft as it spins. Since the shaft is not spinning the sensor is not detecting anything. If you have someone look at it with a Tech 2 it should read 0 which means there is still a reading but not the correct one.
Thanks for your help Jeff, hope to have it rolling soon with a new trans.
Not sure I would rebuild the can buy a low mileage AT from a recycle yard for 325 plus shipping...this would save you a lot of work and a 50K transmission built buy Saab is better than a rebuild any day. I am do not think the rebuild kit quality is the same as OEM...then again I might be wrong...found one in Mass for 325.00 with 48K miles on it
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