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Cyclo Polisher

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I was talking to my dad about getting a PC 7424 and he reminded me he has a Cyclo Polisher that he uses to polish his Airstream. According to him, its the best out there.

Would this really be better than the PC 7424?

Here is my dads trailer


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The Cyclo is the undisputed workhorse in the world of buffers as you will break down before that thing ever will. Since it has duel 4 inch pads, it keeps heat build up low and is very safe for thin paint. However, it is significantly limited in its abilities because it is:

-Single speed
-Limited pad options and sizes
-Very heavy to hold on vertical panels
-Not as capable in terms of aggressive cutting ability and finishing to the best paint finish possible
-One of the best metal polishers available (probably why your dad speaks so highly of it)

You are much better getting a PC7424 because it is far more versatile, just as safe, more pad sizes/levels of cut available, lighter and easier to maneuver, and will be able to remove more defects and break down polish more effectively because of a higher rate of OPMs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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