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CUstOM Air INtaKe

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random capitolization for dramatic effect

This is the Creation of my friend for his 91 900NA

He hit a deer and lost his Headlight and grille, so he found a new place for his intake.
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LOL I like that! Totally unique!
Its functional:)

this poor car has seen multiple deer colisions too. It was a really nice car, this past august, but since has had a hard life.
Didn't Palmer do that on his 86?
yeah mount that turbo in place of the intercooler
his turbo is currently mounted in the truck actually.... along with a spare 9k Ic i had kicking around and some random pipes. but hes lazy and doesnt wrench on his car much. Cold air intake is a major mod for him it seems.
More like intake for water injection when it rains.
looks like my holseted c900 just its on the DR side
car dont need much wrenchin she holds togtha just fine haha
once i get the turbo on her il be doin justas much workin on her as i do the aero to keepa goin
but yeah so far thts the only modification besides weight reduction if you count the missing bumper extension haha
you dont do shit to your Aero. dont complain about reliability to me, your throttle has 2 positions, on and off. since i put a clutch in that car its needed little to no maintainance...

Exaust doesnt count, that is going to break no matter how easy or hard you drive the car
cept for two new water pumps brakes lower radiator hose exhaust pipe falling of the headers ..starters on the verge of collapse
waterpumps were installed FOR YOU

Brakes are a normal wear item as well as hoses. Exaust broke while you were offroading... and the starter...

wait a second, thats the c900 not the Aero?

you havent done much of anything to the aero
i like the effect, and its great how this thread turned into an argument about how much you actually work on your car! haha!
More like intake for water injection when it rains.
Lulz +1

I like the rally cars that always have those round intakes that feed through the front of the bumper to the intake inside the engine bay.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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