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Finally got the last tune from John Z on the dyno, 285 WHP and 350WTQ not bad for the T28 turbo.

So I took the car out to road test it came upon a stock S2000 and pulled on him from 50 -100 no problem

Later pulled up to a SRT8 Charger, guy made the mistake of thinking he could shoot the gap from his laft lane into my right lane when he came upon a slower moving car at 60 MPH in the left. He hit it then I did, he slowly pulled just in front of my bumper ( started door to door when he went) so I had to slow to let him in. Stayed on his tail as he tired to make the next gap back to left so from 60-100 he did not shake me. felt good about that.

He slowed into the left again I lined up to his door and we both went, I was stuck to his door like glue...

Traffic slowed us both I had to exit and he did the standard V8 Flyby.

Over-all happy, Thanks John.

Now to decide what turbo for the future.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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