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Convt. Top works but stops

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1995 900se
okay so SID say "check latches". so i push up on the top so its not touching them. then i can hear the motors and sometimes the windows will go down and the back window will lift but thats it. It then stops and SID says "check soft top" but right now i can hear motors moving and nothing happening. Yes I do have the motor locked (the lever to release the motors on the soft top so you can do it by hand.) any help out there?
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Pretty much same thing happened with my '95 900se. Although the check latches thing might be one of the sensors near the latches...When the back window raises but won't go any further it's a pretty sure bet the motor that lifts the tonneau cover is shot, or at least out of whack. I know when mine jumped the shark it was making a grinding noise that definitely didn't sound right. Open up your trunk and pull away the carpeting on the passenger side wall area and take a look at the motor...the bracket on this year was super weak and the motor had a tendency to twist and strip out the gear that drives the top...if that's what happened your options are pretty much the following:

Replace Tonneau motor: I think it was around 800 bucks with a 250 core charge...I'll have to dig around for the company name for you...someplace in florida. I replaced it myself, so if you go this route I'll be happy to help...

Replace the gear inside: This is another thing you could do, you'd have to take the motor all the way out and then take it apart...I think the gear was like, 250 bucks or something...they pop up on ebay occassionally, also I think the saabsite carries a limited number of them...they stopped making them.

Any pictures or anything to help with the diagnosis?
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Mine stopped this spring, just needed more hydraulic fluid and has been fine since...
Ill try for a pic or a video link. Im hoping its a gear because you can hear the motors. on its like 1000 for the motor. Now the rear latches that lock down the back does not move. It was bent from the last owner so i got it strait and it sucked in and that was it. I'm thinking its just gonna be a day of "here test this"
It wasn't until the switch-over to the 9-3 that the tops used a hydraulic system to move the top...the earlier models were mechanically driven so that won't fix the problem. These things are super finnicky and need programmed by the dealer sometimes because of how many parts need to be working together. eeuro is selling brand new ones, I'm still trying to find the place in Florida, they are refurbed units but in excellent condition and after the core charge are under half the price of a new unit...A vid link would be excellent and might help me point you in the right direction...
That whole release system in the ng 900 verts was poorly thought out. 9 out of 10 times thats what makes the tonneau fail. Make sure the motor is 100% locked in. My cure is to disconnect the release handle completely and wrap a big hose clamp around the whole tonneau motor assembly to hold it in place firmly. The hinge allows the assembly to bend, throwing off the alignment of the gears. If you catch it in time before it shears off teeth the hose clamp cure costs about $3 and an hour or so of laying in the trunk. Reprogramming should not be necessary unless something is way, way off with this roof. Your check latches error is most likely a broken micro switch in the header.
havent had time to get a vid on here or even really take a look. ill check the motor and gears this weekend and get a vid if that doesnt work...thanks for the insight
i've had a lot of issues with my top. it doesn't work fully automatically. the ton cover gears are stripped so it has to be lifted up by hand, the rear lock down latches won't lock the rear bow to the tonneau so i have to jump the connector with some test leads i run from the trunk light. but the most similar thing to your problem that i have to do is move the rear bow by hand to and from about forty five degrees up and back down. my top won't open unless i help it past that point. also the cables that actuate the latches that lock the tonneau shut seem to be missing. so i get the check latches all the time. when the top is down i hold it shut with some wire. i should really make a video of what is involved with the whole process it's rather humorous what i an willing to endure for open air driving
I think I have a near new Tonneau motor (oem) laying around. It would be a great canidate for the update kit and install. I think I know where it is too... I would be willing to sell it for a FAIR price.
Have you guys checked all the little switches in the back where the top goes in... everyone I've ever seen with issues i usually find the switches are a little bent so the top will just stop midway or something... 9 times out 10 this is the case... just a thought...
The back switches where disconnected (where it locks the top down in the trunck area.) and one arm was bent so it wouldnt move. now that cure has been fixed, but still not working. you can hear the motor but nothing is happing. so i will have to check the tonn. gears to see and make sure it is engaging because it sound like its not at all. sorry no video.
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