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Cold water dripping on feet :-(

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Have cool water dripping on my feet in the drivers side. It has to be coming from the AC or a plugged drain. Also when I take hard turns i hear a SSSSSSSSSSSSSSIIIIIISSSSSSSS sound like the cold water hitting the exhaust (well the exhaust I have left since someone hit my exhaust and I had to sawzall it off because it was dragging). Has anyone ever seen this before?


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I vaguely remember a article in quasimotors about this.

Try popping the cover at the back of the engine bay off and seeing whats what in there. My guess is that the upside down dorade vents at the bottom are clogged up and that compartment is filling up with water.
isn't quasimotor's defunked now?
Clogged aquarium drain
Definitely check that aquarium drain and the tube off of the evaporator box itself...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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